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"AIC" will be lanuched!

China’s first large-scale documentary in the arbitration industry, “Arbitration in China” will be launched on the evening of December 10!


Advocated by China Arbitration Institute of CUPL, co-organized by CIETAC, CMAC, Wuhan Arbitration Commission, Xi'an Arbitration Commission, Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission, Harbin Arbitration Commission, Shenzhen Arbitration Commission, Dalian Arbitration Commission, etc. The five-episode documentary “Arbitration in China”, after two years of production, was completed at the end of November 2018. CCTV 12-Social and Legal Channel reviews and arranges the broadcast. 


As the one of the CAI’s core innovative research program, documentary “Arbitration in China” through a new method to express a large amount of valuable historical research materials and frontline theory of Chinese arbitration.


Since April 2017, the filming team has traveled to 30 provinces and HKSAR, and has traveled to Cambodia, Laos, Sweden, Malaysia, Russia, and the United States for filming. Nearly 200,000 kilometers, interviewed more than 100 experts and scholars and more than 200 parties. It has formed into 500 hours shooting materials, including 500,000 words with nearly 100 cases. Based on these rich, informative and exclusive shooting materials, the filming team edited into a 180-minute five-episode documentary. 

The first broadcast time:  10-14, December, 2018, 22:03 PM (1-5 episode)

Reply time:                       11-14, December, 2018, 08:17 AM (1-4 episode)

                                            15,December,2018, 7:56 AM (5 episode)


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