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About CAI

China Arbitration Institute of China University of Political Science and Law is an innovative research institution under the guidance of the National “Cooperative Innovation” Policy of Higher Education, established by China University of Political Science and Law (hereinafter referred to as CUPL), arbitration institutions and authoritative legal media in the manner of “Co-construction”. It is the first registered research institution with the Ministry of Education in China with “arbitration” as its object of study.

In December 2014, CUPL officially signed a contract with several arbitration institutions to jointly establish China Arbitration Institute (hereinafter referred to as CAI). Two authoritative legal media, Legal Daily and the People’s Courts News and Communication Agency, actively participated in supporting con-construction afterwards. CAI was finally founded in December 2015 and filed with the Ministry of Education, and is an authorized secondary physical institution at CUPL at present.

The basic orientation of CAI is a collaborative innovation center that integrates theory with practice and is dedicated to arbitration discipline construction, arbitration talent training, arbitration science research, rule of law in arbitration, and arbitration consulting services. CAI aims to promote the integration of the academic field and the practical field, and hence to create a top-ranking arbitration research institute, talent training base and dispute resolution think tank in China.

CAI carries out the council system. CUPL is the president unit of CAI Council. The famous arbitration expert and former president of CUPL, Professor Huang Jin is the first president of CAI Council. China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, China Maritime Arbitration Commission and Wuhan Arbitration Commission are the vice president units. Shenzhen Arbitration Commission, Xi'an Arbitration Commission, Qingdao Arbitration Commission, Chongqing Arbitration Commission, Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission, Hainan Arbitration Commission, Guiyang Arbitration Commission and Harbin Arbitration Commission, Legal Daily and People’s Courts News and Communication Agency are jointly the founding standing council units. Once established, CAI has been actively cooperating with the arbitration industry with the spirit of collaborative construction with the society. Dalian Arbitration Commission, Hefei Arbitration Commission, Zhoukou Arbitration Commission and Zibo Arbitration Commission successively applied to join the council. Since 2018, CAI has expanded its international influence by jointly establishing research and training bases with scientific research institutions of European and American universities, such as Straus Institute, Pepperdine University, USA (in US NEWS ranked first in dispute resolution for 13 consecutive years). The bureau of the Council and the office of CAI are co-located in CUPL.

As a national think tank in the field of arbitration research, CAI is committed to promoting the reform and improvement of China’s arbitration system by relying on superior resources of the top learning institution of law in China. Since 2014, CAI has successively completed a variety of scientific research projects, such as the “Study on the basic theory of arbitration with Chinese characteristics” sponsored by the Ministry of Justice (the former Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council), the “Study on improving the arbitration system and enhancing arbitration credibility” sponsored by China Academy of Arbitration Law, the “Case study of Court of Arbitration for Sport and the construction of China’s sport arbitration mechanism” sponsored by General Administration of Sport of China, a series of projects on the arbitration system under “the Belt and Road Initiative”, the studies on other countries’ commercial dispute resolution mechanism and legal system including the USA, the study on the big data concerning the judicial review of arbitral awards, the study on arbitration and the ODR application system, and the study on the dispute resolution mechanism of BAIC Group. The scientific research achievements of CAI can directly serve or guide social practice. The “Arbitration Cloud Platform” application system has been accepted and used by multiple arbitration institutions. Some theoretical research achievements have been adopted by relevant state organs, including Opinions on Improving the Arbitration System and Enhancing Arbitration Credibility of the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued on December 31st, 2018, and relevant policy documents.

China’s first Arbitration Credibility Construction and Evaluation” project was launched in 2015 as one of the CAI’s major scientific projects. CAI has successfully held two press release activities on the project and in 2018 when the second evaluation was initiated the index system of arbitration service evaluation was established. Under the guidance of the “Expert Review Committee”, CAI’s research team completed a quantitative evaluation report based on the “three-level indicator system of China’s arbitration credibility evaluation” through on-site interview, questionnaire survey, telephone survey, online survey and big data analysis, etc. On May 31, 2019, CAI and Legal Daily jointly held “the Press Conference on China’s Arbitration Credibility Evaluation Report and the Second Forum of Arbitration Credibility”, which was widely reported by dozens of authoritative mainstream media such as CCTV. The evaluation system of arbitration credibility has become an important reference and source for the standardization construction of arbitration institutions and the improvement of arbitration credibility for its comprehensive indicators covering the business scope, growth and governance structure of arbitration institutions. The system has been crowned as the “wind vane” for observing and studying the development of arbitration in China. CAI will promote the normalization of “Arbitration Credibility Construction and Evaluation” project and provide online evaluation services, and continue to improve the standardization, transparency and influence of arbitration so as to realize higher arbitration credibility of China.

In 2017, CAI, together with CCTV, planned and launched the empirical research project named the “History of China’s Arbitration”, and jointly produced the project result, China’s first documentary series about the arbitration industry——Arbitration in China (5 episodes in total)——together with China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and other council units. From the international and historical perspective, the documentary presents extensive research materials about China’s arbitration, as well as the cutting-edge arbitration research fruits of the interaction between China and the world. The series were broadcasted on CCTV in December 2018 as a key documentary to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up; in January 2019, it was selected into the “Study”, a learning app and became an important material for the study of rule of law; in March 2019, it was rebroadcasted on CCTV during the “two sessions”; in May 2019, it was recommended by the Ministry of Justice to apply for the “Five one project” Award of the Publicity Department. At present, the documentary Arbitration in China has become an important material for teaching arbitration law in colleges and universities, a key reference for all walks of life to understand the arbitration culture, and a crucial way for people at home and abroad to learn China’s arbitration and business environment.

CAI adheres to the principle of combining theory with practice and serving the society, and is willing to actively establish contacts and cooperation with all sectors of society. CAI is capable of undertaking special research projects (including professional translation), expert consultation or evaluation projects for major and difficult cases, high-end training projects, entrusted by arbitration institutions, enterprises, associations and relevant departments.

Please contact CAI’s office if you have any queries about project cooperation, application for being a council unit, application for a part-time researcher post, R&D and application of arbitration online case handling system, and so forth.


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